How Do You Make A Small Living Room Cozy? Here Are The 6 Tips To Apply

Having small living room is not actually a problem. If you want your small living room to look larger, you must start with the question; “How do you make a small living room cozy?” perhaps, the smallest size of the living room you have now is due to the limited space you use to build the living room. However, the proper design as well as the right ideas will help you to make it cozy and good-looking for you and everyone else.

Small Living Room Cozy

Without taking too much time, check out the best ten ideas to make your small living room cozy.

Provides More Light

The first thing to make your small living room cozy is to provide more lights. Enable as more light as possible to come into the living room by opening your windows. Never block the natural sunlight by the curtains. If you don’t have a big windows, you can still be able to create lighter shades to maximize the light coming into the room.

 Play with Scale

The second idea you can be inspired is to play with scale. You don’t have to feel afraid of creating a big statement in a narrow space. Use your over-the-top to create contrast and intrigue by presenting the chandelier.

Make Use of High Ceiling

How do you make a small living room cozy? One of the ways is to make use of the high ceiling. When there is no more space left on the footage or surface space, high ceiling can be the right option to look at. Install the tall windows along with the tall curtain and show stopping wallpaper. This idea will keep airiness and height to narrow room.

Paint in White

If your living room is quite less space, you must paint it in white. White color gives a special effect which make your small living room cozy. It is because the white color can brighten up the space. You can also add a colorful pieces of furniture so that it can look unlike the typical walls.

Add Ottomans

Adding ottomans is the best solution if you want to add furniture for your small living room. Ottomans is very good to use as furniture and functional storage, too. You can place the tray on the top when you want to serve coffee to the guests. Save your cushions as soon as you don’t use it no more.

Make It Multi-Purpose

When space is too limited, the only choice is to be creative and make things multi-purpose including the small living rom. For example, you can combine the living room, family room and home office altogether into the concept of one space for all. In this way, you can set a sofa along with the ottomans, a TV flat installed on the wall just in front of the sofa as well as small table with rack for you to work with your books or laptop.


How do you make a small living room cozy? Out of the given tips above, you may conclude that to make it cozy, you can be inspired to apply one of the given tips above. Play the tricks in the design so that you will have a more functional cozy living room in spite of the small size.

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